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A quick intro to the RateIt Portal
A quick intro to the RateIt Portal
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Welcome to RateIt!

Here's a quick intro that'll help you navigate your way around the RateIt Portal (the place where you'll find and manage all of your awesome data!)

When you first log in, you'll be automatically taken to the My Insights page:

My Insights

This section gives you an overview of how your CXS and NPS are tracking on an overall basis and also gives you the option to quickly view your NPS, CXS, and Category trends (viewable by day, week, or month).


This is where you can review and read all of the ratings and, most importantly, respond to your customer comments. By default, you're shown every rating from every location, but you have the option to filter the results based on what you need.


Like the contacts application on your mobile, Contacts is where you manage a list of people and their details, from the list of your customers or leads to loyalty members that you can send MircoSurveys to.


MicroSurveys is an area of RateIt where you can see which MicroSurveys you have deployed, what channels those MicroSurveys are used on and some other key information that helps you identify how your surveys are performing.

You can preview your deployed surveys, see when they were last updated, when they were published, and even how many responses have arrived for each survey.


This is where you can manage the people who have access to the RateIt Portal, see where all of your devices are, manage your email notification settings, and other relevant configurations you need.

* Some functionalities are only available for Super Users

Premium Features

These additional features are available upon request to our Customer Success team. Should you wish to experience them, please contact us at [email protected] and we will book a call for you to discuss your requirements.

Premium Insights

The Premium Insights is a more comprehensive presentation of your data and fully customised to give you meaningful insight into the most important areas for you and your business.

Text Analytics

RateIt Text Analytics is integrated with advanced machine learning techniques to automatically detect sentiment and its magnitude relative to various issues. This helps you understand what your customers really want and what actions you should be taking to drive improvement.

Action Tracker

Easily manage required actions and initiatives using our action tracker embedded within the portal to make sure you are always on the right track towards your goal(s).

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