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Bring in your list of customers, leads, or loyalty members to run regular surveys and understand their experience over time at different touch-points.

Here's how to add your contacts to your RateIt Portal:

Step 1: Log in to the RateIt portal

Go to to log in, and then head to the Contacts tab. If you’re already logged in, click here to redirect.

Here's what you'll see the first time you add contacts:

Here's what you'll see all the other times you add contacts:

Step 2: Upload your CSV file or manually enter a contact

Click the ‘ Add contacts’ button to begin, and you will then have the option to upload a CSV of your contacts or manually add them. When uploading a CSV, your file must include(but not limited to) the Name, Email and/or Phone columns. Click here to download the CSV Template.

Step 3: Match the CSV columns to the system’s fields

You will need to select which columns align with the name (can include first name, last name, and/or full name), email, phone, and location. The uploader will attempt to predict which columns are likely to be the correct fields for you, but you can override their predictions. Any fields other than the default fields will need to be tagged as ‘ Custom attribute’.

In case you have a Location column in your CSV, the next step is to make sure they are properly aligned together like below:

Step 4: Confirm the upload

A preview of your contacts to be imported will be shown. There is also an option to update the data for existing contacts with your new import. Click the ‘Finish import’ button to complete the upload.

Step 5: Send MicroSurvey to your contacts

Once the upload is completed, you can go ahead and send them their first MicroSurvey. To do this, you can either...

  • Click the 'Send MicroSurveys to these contacts' button in the blue notification bar to begin, or

  • Go to the MicroSurveys tab.

Click here for a quick guide on how to send MicroSurveys.

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