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Viewing ratings in the RateIt Portal
Viewing ratings in the RateIt Portal
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The Ratings tab is where you'll find all of the ratings and comments your customers have left you.


The Source filter is where you can choose the platform to load the ratings from. If you have your Google and Facebook reviews linked to your RateIt portal, you’ll also be able to load them up here.

The default source of the data upon login is RateIt. If you have yet to connect your Google and Facebook reviews, head to the links below for a quick guide on how to do this:


These special filters will help you narrow down your results for a more convenient viewing experience.

With comments only

This toggle will allow you to display only ratings with written feedback for you to easily read verbatims and quickly identify actionable feedback.

Where, When, and What

In this section, you’ll be able to choose specific locations and groups (if you have multiple locations), the date range, and the MicroSurvey you’d like to load ratings for.

*Click here to learn more about Locations & Groups

*Click here to learn more about MicroSurveys

Rating Filter

With the Rating filter, you can easily narrow down the results to point out feedback that carries certain types of scores or ratings and immediately identify the ones that require your attention.


The Action section is where you can instantly view feedback that you’ve already responded to or the ones that have yet to be responded to. Also in this section, you can filter ratings by Completed or Uncompleted Tasks and With or without Notes.

Special Features

If you are a Super User or a Standard User that has been granted access to these features, you are able to flag ratings as either Valid or Invalid using the Rating Manger. You can also tick the “Select all” checkbox to respond to all feedback at once using the same Response Template.

Regardless of access levels, you can export the ratings to a CSV and note that the ratings to be exported are the result of any active filters you have - make sure they are correctly set up according to your requirements. Click here to learn more about the CSV export.

Individual Rating

The individual rating shows the verbatim comment, NPS, CXS, Category/Multi-Choice ratings, and the email address of the respondent(if entered). Also in this section, you can add task/note or reply to the feedback.

*Click here to learn more about how to respond to customers

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