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Managing Ratings in the RateIt Portal
Managing Ratings in the RateIt Portal
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Our Rating System has an extremely high accuracy rate of around 80% when automatically filtering invalid ratings. However, like all of us, it is unfortunately not completely perfect.

For instance, you may see certain irrelevant comments, such as “I love Spiderman”, passing through the system. This is because some of our other clients may be selling Batman-related products. Even though these comments may be irrelevant for your business, and you may wish to void their influence on your Rating score (which is completely understandable!), our system would still be unable to automatically flag it as invalid.

Therefore, with situations like this in mind, we built a handy tool that allows for Super Users (company admins) along with designated Standard Users to manually mark certain ratings as invalid via the RateIt Portal when needed.

Here’s how to use the Ratings Manager...

Step 1: Login to the RateIt portal and then head to the Ratings tab. Below is what it looks like after loading the page:

Step 2: Turn on the Manage Rating toggle to start validating / invalidating ratings

Step 3: Find the ratings you’d like to change the validity for and then simply tick the ValidCheckbox if you’re changing it from Invalid to Valid and Untick when changing from Valid to Invalid. In the example below, the first rating shown is marked as Valid, while the second rating is marked as Invalid:

Step 4: After changing the validity of the rating(s) you’ve selected as irrelevant, simply switch off the Manage Rating toggle and voila! The invalid ratings will be hidden from your results.

Note: The ratings automatically marked as invalid by the RateIt System will not be accessible to users even via the RateIt Portal/Ratings Manager.

Examples of certain moments the Ratings Manager function would come in handy:

  • A staff member forgot to enable Demo Mode during testing, and false ratings were included in the computation.

  • A child was playing with the device (only applicable if Age Detection has not been enabled).

  • The rating isn't relevant to your company but passed our validation system

Note: With great power comes great responsibility. The power is in your hands ...but use it wisely, as your name and email address will be linked to the rating you mark as invalid 😉

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