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What are Dedicated Links?

While RateIt in-store tablets are the most effective way to learn what your customers think and feel in the moment, after leaving your business, the options for customers to give you feedback are more limited. With Dedicated Links, you're able to create unique web links that customers can visit from their phone, tablet, or desktop web browser.

Upon accessing the link, customers will be able to give your business a rating just the same as if using an in-store tablet - walking through the same questions and with the same visual design. It's another way for customers to rate your business that provides greater flexibility, resulting in both a greater volume and quality of ratings for you!

* Dedicated Links is a paid feature and will be enabled upon request. Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you would like to try it out!

How can Dedicated Links be used?

You can use Dedicated Links in a variety of different ways. Here are some ways you might wish to share links with your customers:

  • Print the link on the bottom of your physical receipts.

  • Add the link to your purchase confirmation emails/digital receipts.

  • Display the link somewhere visible in-store (on a poster, countertop, or on a menu/whiteboard)

  • Print the link on a physical token you hand customers after purchase.

  • Add the link to your website or post it on social media.

  • You can also simply convert the link to a QR code and share it in any of the above ways!

Working with Dedicated Links in the RateIt Portal

Working with Dedicated Links in the Customer Portal is simple. First, select Settings and then Token and Dedicated Links from the side menu. Note, however, that only Super Users are able to access the Dedicated Links settings page currently. On this page, you will see a list of all your business locations and the links you have already created (if any). From here, you can create a new link for a location by clicking the Create Link button. Currently, only one link may be created per location.

After doing this, you will see the following options. By default, a link 'ending' will be automatically generated, though you can change this to whatever you like. For example, you might wish to change this to 'Melbourne' in the example below. So the full link you would then share with customers would be rateitnow.com/melbourne. In addition, you can choose the MicroSurvey - that is, the unique set of questions that customer sees when they visit the link and give a rating. If you can't find a profile you love on the list, get in touch with us at [email protected], and we'll work with you to build a delightful profile.

You'll note as well a little cog icon. Here you can select which version of a profile you would like to use if the profile has changed over time. Usually, you'll just want to use the latest version of a profile, in which case you can just ignore the cog. If, however, you want to pick a specific profile version, click the cog and pick the version you want to use from the drop-down menu. Once you're done, click Save Link.

Once your link has been created, you'll see the following view. We can see that one link has been created for "Redberry - Melbourne". That link is rateitnow.com/melbourne, and the rating profile that's been chosen is "General Service 2017 - V1". Clicking on rateitnow.com/melbourne will open up your browser to give a rating. It's important to note that this link is now live - if you follow the link and complete a rating, this rating will show up elsewhere in your portal. If you do this accidentally, though, don't worry! You can delete the test rating by following our guide on managing your ratings. You can also click on the profile name itself - doing this will allow you to preview the profile you've chosen and will not submit any ratings. Perfect for testing.

How to update Dedicated Links in the RateIt Portal?

Finally, you can edit an existing link by clicking the pen icon. This will allow you to change any aspect of the link you like - whether that be the profile, profile version, the link itself, etc. When updating the version of the profile, simply click the pen icon and then the gear icon to choose the version. Usually, you would like to choose the latest version.

You can also disable a link so it is no longer functional and re-enable it if you didn't really mean to!

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