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How to lock your iOS device down
How to lock your iOS device down
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To stop your customers from closing the RateIt app and using other apps or accessing settings, you can lock your device down using an iOS feature called Guided Access.

When Guided Access is enabled, nobody will be able to exit the RateIt app or control the iOS device using the home button, volume buttons or power switch. This stops anyone from turning off the device, changing device settings or doing anything else unintended, whether by mistake or on purpose. You will be able to enable or disable Guided Access yourself by clicking the home button three times quickly.

Set a passcode

Before going through these steps, you will need a 4 or 6 digit Guided Access passcode (depending on the model of your device) that you will use to lock and unlock the device. We advise that you use the passcode we provided you when you set up your device as we have it on file and can remind you what this it is if you ever forget it.

If you do end up using your own passcode and forget it or your current passcode stops working, you can contact [email protected] or follow these steps to unlock your device and reset the passcode.

Set up Guided Access for the first time

  1. On your Apple device, go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock.

  2. Set the Auto-Lock to 2 Minutes.

  3. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom to Guided Access

  5. Toggle Guided Access to On.

  6. Tap on Passcode Settings -> Set Guided Access Passcode.

  7. Enter your Guided Access passcode twice to set it.

  8. Turn on Mirror Auto-Lock

Activate Guided Access

Stop your customers from closing the RateIt app, turning off the screen or accessing settings or other apps.

  1. Open the RateIt app.

  2. Triple-click the home button. You should get a pop up saying "Guided Access Started".

De-activate Guided Access

Unlocking the device will allow anyone to exit out of the RateIt app, turn the device off, and access other apps.

  1. Triple-click the home button.

  2. You will be prompted to enter your Guided Access passcode.

  3. In the top left of the screen, select End. A pop up shows saying "Guided Access Ended".

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