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Manage check in flow for Visitor types across multiple Locations

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As compliance requirements change, you can easily update any Visit Flows directly on the Zipline portal. It makes keeping compliant with Zipline a breeze - whether applying changes to a single location or multiple at once.

Visitor flow templates help you manage unique requirements for each visitor type that enters your facilities, and apply them only to relevant check-in flows, locations or states.

What are the requirements you can configure uniquely?

Requirements for visitors can be different from staff or contractors, and by state or location. With Zipline, you have the power to customise these based on state directives, national level, or even on your internal policy. You can apply the following requirements uniquely to a template:

Temperature screening

Declaration & terms

Email or address collection

Confirmation message

Health declaration

Rescheduled booking confirmation

Previously visited regions

Booking reminder

Custom question

Sign out reminder

Vaccination requirements

Experience survey


Physical badge printing


SMS badge

Configuring your visit flow templates

To configure your templates, login to your booking management portal, select all locations in the location filter and then head to Settings -> Visit flow templates.

Click the visit flow you'd like to manage templates for, and then click the New template button on the upper right corner of the page. Enter the template name and then click Save.

Click View next to the template you created, and this should redirect you to the configuration page. From there, click Edit locations to add or remove locations the flow should be activated for. Click Save changes when done, and then Confirm and apply the template.

Scroll down to the Settings, Notifications, and Badges section to enable or disable the requirements for the check-in flow. Please note that physical badge printing requires a Zipline printer. Enabling badge printing without one can show you an error on the tablet - contact your manager if you need a printer.

Click the other visit types on the left to manage their own check-in flow or go to the template overview to update the requirements and settings.

πŸ’Œ Still need help? Please contact Zipline, and one of our Support Heroes will be happy to assist.

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