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Managing Zipline tablet issues
Managing Zipline tablet issues

What to do when your device is reading low, unknown, or high temperatures, has connectivity issues, freezing, or crashing?

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We understand that you rely on the system to be up for visitors at all times, so we'll cover the most common issues you might have already seen on the tablets at some point in your journey with Zipline, how to troubleshoot/fix them, and when to contact Zipline for support.

💡 Pro tip

🤔 Things you need to know before attempting to fix an issue

It's easy to get confused about what the problem really is. Sometimes, an issue is an underlying cause of the other, so we recommend that you take time to get to the real problem.

Issues may also vary on the type of hardware you have(Thermal Tablets or Samsung Tablets) and which facility you're using Zipline for (Residential Aged Care, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, or HomeCare).

The key to knowing is understanding the indicators, why it happens, and how the tablet behaves when you or your visitors experience the problem.

Quick links to help you get started👇

Temperature reading issues - Thermal tablets only

The screen is freezing - Thermal and Samsung tablets

The app is crashing - Thermal and Samsung tablets

🌡️ Temperature reading issues


Indicators can include low, high, or unknown temperature readings that show up on the screen after scanning a temperature in an unusual number of occurrences.

Why does this happen

The device may pick up background heat or cooling if it's in specific environments. The weather and smearing on the temperature sensors after cleaning the screen can also affect the readings.


We have found that checking the positioning of the device and adjusting it will solve any odd variability in readings (e.g. not facing direct sunlight, windows, doors, or an airconditioning system). Also, try tilting the tablet down or up to adjust the levelling.
If the low or high readings are due to the weather, it is recommended that visitors take a moment to rest before checking in.

Wipe the sensors with a microfibre cloth to remove any smearing; also, do this after every cleaning routine.

If performing all the above didn't help, contact Zipline Support for any further troubleshooting or replacement.

🌐 Connectivity issues (complete connection loss or slowness)


The device will not progress to the next page, does not allow you to complete check-in, shows a blank page with a spinning icon, the button just keeps loading, responding very slowly, or simply shows a warning saying that it's disconnected from the internet and trying to connect.

If you're using a portable modem/dongle from Zipline, it will show a red light or a flashing blue/green light if there is a problem with the connection.

Why does this happen

There could be a network problem in the facility if using WiFi or Ethernet. For tablets that came with a 4G SIM card or portable modem/dongle, it could be a poor reception in the area, or the courier is conducting maintenance.

For Thermal devices, the Bluetooth was found to interrupt the WiFi connection when turned on.

Incorrect configuration of Timezone on the tablet also can cause disruptions of connection. This is a problem in the tech space in general.


It is recommended that you know the connectivity type of your tablet so you can get to troubleshoot properly.

While it's a bit tricky to fix the issue, especially when your tablet is in Kiosk mode, you could do a few things to troubleshoot or fix the connection.

The first step is to restart the tablet. If this doesn't work, contact your IT department to check if there is an issue with the network in the facility. It sometimes feels like the WiFi should be working (e.g. your computer doesn't show any connection problem) but in some cases, your IT uses a different network for the Zipline tablet.

If you have a portable modem/dongle, try restarting it as well.

Contact Zipline Support if restarting didn't fix the issue and if your IT Team confirmed that all network in the facility is working, and to check if your tablet is on the correct timezone as well. The Support Team might ask you for more information, request further troubleshooting where required, or advise you to set up a custom hotspot so they could disable kiosk mode for you to re-connect to WiFi; they might also advise you to contact your IT back if no issues on our end.

📱 The app is freezing


If the Zipline app is not responding on a particular screen(pressing a button or typing a letter), it's most likely a freezing issue.

Why does this happen

The most common cause is when your configuration on the backend isn't responding to the input on the previous screen. In some cases, connectivity issues can cause this problem.


The first step to fix this is restarting the tablet by pressing the power button once(to turn it off) and then pressing it again(to turn it on) - or unplugging and replugging the power source.

If restarting didn't help, contact Zipline Support for further troubleshooting. It's important to check on your end if this is happening for all visitors trying to check in or for a particular visitor only and see if the internet connection is working in the facility - Zipline Support might confirm these with you when contacting for help.

❗The app is crashing


App crashing is a common issue for many mobile applications in general, and it could happen to the Zipline device as well.

Why does this happen

This can be from an outdated version of the app, incorrect back-end configuration, an error in the code, or the operating system simply behaving unusually.


Restarting the tablet will usually fix crashing issues; however, if the problem continues to occur intermittently, it is recommended to contact Zipline Support for further investigation.

☘️ Fuzzy green lines or shading on the temperature screen


This is a sporadic issue, but it could happen. Sometimes, a device could show green lines or shading on the temperature screen or when you use the camera. While the device can still scan temperature accurately, the discolouration isn't pleasant to the eye.

Why does this happen

The problem can be due to a faulty power line/source, but there are cases where the device itself is defective.


Restart the tablet. Check that the cables are plugged in properly to the floor or counter stand. Try another power outlet.

Check that the wiring harness is plugged in properly. To do this, you will need to unscrew the four screws on the back of the Thermal device itself.

If none of the above will fix the issue, contact Zipline Support immediately for a replacement.

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