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Contact Tracing / Check-in Reports

How to produce a contract tracing report

Written by Jarrod Page
Updated over a week ago

Producing a report to show who has been onsite for a specific period is quick and easy with Zipline.

Zipline’s contract tracing report exports to Excel so that it can be quickly adapted for multiple uses, for example to provide to government/external agencies or generating bulk SMS notifications.

Creating a contract tracing report

Step 1

Go to the Zipline Booking Management Portal ( and log in using the credentials that will have been provided.

Step 2

Go to the Reports tab. This section of the portal is configurable per user, so if it's not showing on your end, that's because you don't have permission. Contact your HQ/Administrator to request, or you can reach out to Zipline Support for help.

Step 3

Select the Check-ins tab.

Step 4

Set the period and visitor types that are required on the report by adjusting the filters on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 6

Hover over the top right of the report and three dots with More Options will appear. Select this option.

Step 7

Configure the export data page as per the screenshot below, noting the report can export to either CSV or XLSX. Select Export.

Step 7

The exported report will now be available via the downloads page of your browser and is now ready for use. Below are the fields that will be shown on this report.

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