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Enabling Single-App Mode (Samsung Device: Pin Window)
Enabling Single-App Mode (Samsung Device: Pin Window)
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This setting will restrict your customers from exiting the RateIt app, accessing other applications, and accessing device Settings. Please note that this will require a device Password(recommended), PIN, or Pattern to unlock your device and RateIt won’t be responsible for this information - You need to set up one and make sure you don’t forget your codes.


1. Go to device Settings

2. Choose the Lock screen and security

3. Scroll down and then tap Other security settings

4. Scroll down and then choose Pin windows

5. Tap the toggle to turn on the Pin windows

6. Tap the toggle to turn on Ask for PIN before unpinning (or password, or pattern)

7. Exit all apps running in the background

8. Launch the RateIt app

9. Tap the Recents key of your device (usually the one on the left side of the Home button)

10. The screen should look like the below image:

11. Tap the Pin icon on the upper right corner

12. Tap Start on the pop-up

13. Done!

Should you wish to exit the app for some reason (e.g. reconnect to the internet, etc.), simply press and hold the Back and the Recents keys together and then enter your device passcode, PIN or pattern.

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