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Reading and Responding to Google Reviews using RateIt
Reading and Responding to Google Reviews using RateIt
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RateIt makes it really easy to read and respond to Google Reviews for your locations - whether you want to manage them centrally at headquarters or want store managers to look after reviews for their stores.

Note: Social Reviews need to be set up by your company administrator. See this article for more details.

Click on Google in the Source dropdown under the Ratings tab. You will only see this dropdown if your RateIt admin has set up these reviews for your location(s) in RateIt. Super Users will be able to see reviews for all locations.

Reading reviews for different locations

The Google Reviews screen shows you reviews for each location that you have access to. It also shows the overall rating and number of reviews for that location. You can switch locations using the filter on the left.

Responding to reviews

Click the Reply button to enter your response and then hit Respond when done. This will post your comment on the Google review (visible to the public).

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