Create a new role and apply requirements

How to create new roles and apply requirements

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Create a new role and apply requirements

Zipline’s QuickStart module defines the evidence candidates and employees need to provide in order to become compliant, or stay compliant, to the requirements of a role. This is called “credentialing”.

Organisations create “roles” within QuickStart that define all of the credentialing requirements for that role; candidates and employees then provide evidence for each requirement so that administrators can validate that evidence.

Available Evidence Types:

Organisations can determine per role the evidence that is required to be provided by candidates to that role. The evidence types that can be currently selected are:

Identification Evidence

Qualification Evidence

Work Rights Evidence

Vaccination Evidence

Drivers Licence

Relevant Qualifications

Working Rights (VEVO)



NDIS Worker Check


Working with Children Check

Working with Vulnerable People Check

Criminal Record Check

I*Note that any evidence type not listed above can be created by Zipline, simply request this via Zipline Support.

Applying Evidence Types:

Evidence types are set against each role; each evidence type attached to a role will need to be provided by a candidate to that role in order to progress, noting that evidence types can be set as either mandatory or optional.

Zipline currently configures all credential requirements for each role. To have a new role created and credential applied, simply lodge a request with Zipline Support.

In future QuickStart releases, customers will have the ability to create their own roles and define credentials!

Using Evidence Types:

Once a role has been created and requirements configured, administrators can send invitations to candidates and employees. Refer to this article for instructions on how to send invitations to candidates and this article for instructions on how to send invitations to staff.

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