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QI Hub – Workforce Module
QI Hub – Workforce Module
Manage the Upcoming Regulation Changes for the Extended Quality Indicator Program Using Our New QI Hub - Workforce Module.
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Starting from April 1, 2023, you'll need to capture data on which internal staff and agency staff worked how many hours.

This is so you can report on percentage staff turnover across registered nurses, enrolled nurses, personal care staff or assistants, and service managers. This is for the purposes of the National Quality Indicator Program, to be reported in July.

You can do this without any effort via Zipline. Read this article to find out how.

Zipline’s New QI Hub – Workforce Module

How does it work?

Configuration (Portal)

Note, please see below for our recommended settings.


  1. Log in to the Zipline Portal

  2. Go to the “All locations” view on the top left

  3. Click on settings

  4. Go to Visit Flow Templates on the left side of the screen and click on Contractors

  5. Edit Contractors general settings to configure the contractor types

    1. Rename the kiosk button name for contractors if other terminology would be more appropriate to call out to agency staff and other types of contractors.

    2. Decide if you would like to collect expected duration (recommended). This helps provide a fallback on working hours in case an agency staff member forgets to check out.

    3. Then, set up the types of contractors to match government reporting requirements and the types of contractors that typically visit.

    4. Map to the relevant government category. This is critical for government reporting purposes.

    5. You can also easily adjust the order of agency staff/contractor type to your preference using the up/down arrows.

Recommended Settings

Kiosk Button

Change to "Contractor or agency staff".

Duration Collection

Turn on.

Contractor Types

We suggest using contractor types similar to the below:

  • Agency Registered Nurse

  • Agency Enrolled Nurse

  • Agency Personal Care Worker or Assistant

  • Building and Maintenance

  • Student

  • None of the above

Reporting Categories

Ensure you have mapped to the relevant category.

Collection (Kiosk)

  1. Ensure that all agency staff/contractors coming onsite check in with the Zipline Kiosks

  2. After entering their phone number, new agency staff and contractors should select the contractor flow to check in. This will be remembered on return visits.

  3. Agency staff and contractors should then select the category that best describes them (e.g. “registered nurse”).

  4. Finally, if you have it turned on, agency staff and contractors will be asked to provide their expected duration of stay (including an option to pick "I don't know yet" where it the answer is not relevant)

As a reminder, agency staff should also check out.

Demo Videos

Demo Flow Screenshots

Viewing Check-In Data (Portal)

  1. Check-in data can be viewed via the Activity tab in the portal.

  2. In an event where you want to edit Contractor type used for a check-in, this can be done when viewing a specific check-in.

Reporting (Coming In Q2)

Our dashboard will be updated to provide visibility on contractor check-in data so that it can be included in government reporting.

Tips & FAQs


  • Contact your agency partners as part of your change management process.

  • Ensure agency staff understand that it's a requirement to check in and check out.


  1. What happens if we've been getting agency staff to use the "staff" flow? ANSWER: While this is rare, if that's the case, please reach out to the support team, we can help in the case that any data needs to be moved over.

  2. Is reporting globally, or per location? ANSWER: Reporting is per location.


💌 Still need help? Please email us at [email protected], and one of our Support Heroes will be happy to assist.

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