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Management Portal - How to Archive profiles
Management Portal - How to Archive profiles

Managing host and visitor lists ensures a seamless experience for visitors when making a visitation booking or checking-in to see a host.

Written by Jarrod Page
Updated over a week ago

There are two ways of managing visitor and host lists in Zipline, Merge or Archive.

The Archive feature will hide a host or visitor profile so that person cannot receive visitation bookings or have a visitor check-in to see them, whilst retaining all of the history attached to this record. Archiving host records can be useful when a host is no longer at a facility.

Click here to see how to Merge host and visitor profiles.

👇 Here's how to do this

  1. Log in to the Management Portal, select ‘People' on the left hand side.

  2. Find the host or visitor profile that is to be archived by using the filters and/or search feature, select ‘View’ to open the profile.

  3. Select the ‘Details’ tab.

  4. At bottom of the ‘Details’ tab an Archive section will appear. When ready, select ‘Archive’ and ‘OK’ when prompted to confirm the archive.

  5. You've done it!

    This profile has now been archived and so that no bookings or visits can be made to this profile, or by this profile.

    💡 Pro Tip: This process can be reversed. If a profile has been inadvertently archived, or that host returns, simply unarchive that profile by selecting ‘Unarchive’.

🤔 How can I get support to help merge or archive host and/or visitor records?

Please contact our wonderful Support Team who are ready to provide more support should you need it!

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