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Managing User Access in the Management Portal
Managing User Access in the Management Portal

Add, edit or remove user access in the Management Portal

Written by Jarrod Page
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Managing user access

As an administrator, you have access to managing users for your organisation within the Management Portal.

👇 Here's how to do this

  1. Log in to the Management Portal, Select 'Global Settings’ then ‘Users' on the left hand side.

2. To add a new user, click the +Add button on the top right hand side

3. Enter the details for the team member that you are adding and then click 'save' at the bottom of the screen.

Zipline has two types of user access; standard users and administrators.

  • A standard user has access to the activity, people and review tabs which provides visibility of check-in’s, bookings, peoples information and any submitted evidence that requires review.

  • An organisation administrator has access to all of the same features as a standard user, as well as the flows and settings tabs that provide access to update frontline compliance requirements such as attestation questions, vaccination requirements or visitation settings. This user type is to be used for system administrators only.

4. Once you click ‘save’ an email will be sent to the new team member with instructions outlining how they should join. The email will ask them to follow a link to set a password. Until they open the email and follow the steps, they will not be added as a team member.

Why can't I remove a user's access?

Zipline does not currently support customers removing access to user profiles. If you wish to remove a user's account, contact our wonderful Support Team, and they'll give you a hand from there.

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