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Managing user access
Managing user access

Add, edit, or delete user access in the Booking Management Portal

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As an administrator, you have access to managing users for your organisation. This feature lets you ensure the list is up to date by adding new and removing old employees, controlling who should have access to bookings and managing configurations such as visiting restrictions for a facility.

πŸ‘‡ Here's how to do this

Log in to your portal, choose All Locations from the locations filter, and head to Settings ➑ Users.

To add a new user, click the Add new user button and fill in the information needed, such as personal information, permissions, and Location access(paid add on).

Hover your mouse to the Edit button next to access to change permissions, reset the password, deactivate or delete the access entirely.

πŸ”‘ Permissions

View Reports

Provide access to viewing reports/dashboard

Edit settings

View and edit configurations such as screening questions, visiting hours, capacity restrictions, vaccination requirements, etc.

Edit users

To allow the user to manage access.

Full evidence access

See approved vaccination evidence after 24 hours.

Bulk edit data

This permission allows the user to merge duplicate people profiles.


Provide permission to view and manage data for specific locations relevant to the user.

If you're not an administrator, contact your HQ to request your access or on behalf of a colleague. If you are an administrator (from HQ) and don't have the feature to manage users, don't hesitate to contact us.

Why can't I edit my co-administrators?

As a security measure, we don't allow System Admins to edit each other's profiles - to ensure no one can alter all accounts. If you wish to remove/change an administrator's account, contact our lovely Support Team, and they'll give you a hand from there.

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