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Zipline AI for Vaccination Evidence Approvals
Zipline AI for Vaccination Evidence Approvals

Learn more about our artificial intelligence for automatically approving valid vaccination evidence

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Zipline AI helps reduce admin staff workload by automatically approving valid vaccination evidence using artificial intelligence.

Any evidence that cannot be automatically approved is referred to staff for manual review.

ZiplineAI is a paid feature which helps customers using it reduce staff workload.

Supported areas of the product

  1. Booking system uploads

  2. Pre-upload link uploads

  3. Kiosks (certain models only)

Any evidence uploaded by admin staff via the portal, will need to be manually reviewed prior to upload.

Evidence approved by ZiplineAI will be clearly marked as such in the portal.

Supported vaccinations

  • Covid-19

  • Influenza

Supported evidence/documents

  • Immunisation history statement

  • Apple and Android Wallet

  • COVID-19 Digital Certificate

  • Immunisation history statement

  • international COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

  • Medicare Express App

  • State-Based Apps


How does ZiplineAI identify the dose(s) received by an individual?

Where dose(s) are stated on a document, ZiplineAI will pull out this information. Certain documents, such as Apple and Android Wallet evidence, does not clearly specify doses received. In these cases, we rely on visitor input to appropriately mark the documents.

What if there are multiple vaccinations and ZiplineAI can only approve one?

Any unapproved evidence will require manual approval.

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