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Covid Test Collection (RAT/PCR)
Covid Test Collection (RAT/PCR)

How to screen visitors for a negative test result

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With Covid-19 testing forming part of the key response to keeping facilities safe, Zipline enables screening of visitors based on a negative test result.

How It Works

It's simple for visitors to confirm a negative test result before entering. Based on your settings, one screen now handles vaccination and testing requirements. Visitors will need to provide information about:

  • A negative test result

  • Photographic evidence of the test result

  • The type of test (PCR or rapid antigen test)

  • The time the test was taken

If evidence is required, visitors will be asked to capture an image of the test result after tapping "add".

Due to the volume of check-ins and the admin burden that would be required to individually verify visitors, all information provided by visitors relating to negative test results is automatically approved. However, responses can be audited in the portal and through our reporting dashboard.

Providing An Exemption

If visitors don't have sufficient evidence, they can ask for a single visit exemption that will require staff approval. If turned on, only staff with knowledge of your PIN code can approve this exemption via the tablet.

When visitors have checked in, their negative test result will show up under the "Health check" section of their check-in.

Logging Notes

Currently, logging notes related to testing is supported for visitors only (and not other visitor types such as contractors, staff, etc.). Notes related to testing, such as why an exemption was granted on a particular day, can be logged against a booking or check-in by navigating to the notes section at the top of the page.

Adding Evidence On A Visitor's Behalf

Admin staff are also able to add a negative test result to a visitor's profile under the "Evidence" section. The profile will always show the most recent test result.

Setting Up Covid Test Collection

This feature can be managed in settings by selecting the relevant location and turning it on in the Visitor Types section. Once on, you can configure:

  • Whether photographic evidence is required.

  • The test type(s) accepted.

  • Frequency is how often to ask for a test result at check-in. E.g. this can be set to 1 day to ensure a person needs to supply a test every single day.

  • Recency is time accepted between taking and supplying the test at check-in. E.g. this can be set to "same day" to ensure tests are "fresh enough".

The negative test requirement can be fulfilled by visitors with either test type.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommendation for capturing evidence of rapid antigen test results?

Unless a laboratory test result is part of the entry policy for your facility or testing is done at the facility, rapid antigen testing is, by nature, an honour system. Some facilities may ask visitors to add a photo of their rapid antigen test kit as part of their governance process, while others may choose not to require a photo.

Can positive test results be stored in Zipline?

As Zipline is screen visitors before entry, positive test results are currently not stored in Zipline and should be managed separately.

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