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Learn about our homecare screening and staff duress product

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Zipline offers a simple but powerful homecare product to enable aged care organisations to:

  • Screen field staff to ensure they are fit for work, keeping clients safe and your organisation compliant.

  • Screen client health, so field staff can manage risk and keep safe.

  • Capture contractor check-ins, so your clients are safe and your finance team can reconcile invoices against service delivery.

  • Keep field staff safe with a duress alarm, allowing you to respond quickly to emergencies.

Offering this in one unified and easy-to-use product allows homecare organisations to save time, automate compliance, and spend more time looking after clients.

Key Product Features

  • A mobile-friendly check-in web app for contractors and staff.

  • The ability to configure what needs to provided during contractor and staff check-ins, such as temperature, a health declaration, recent work history, work order number, vaccination status and rapid antigen test results.

  • The ability for staff to quickly send an emergency ping with their location from their smartphone home screen.

  • Text alerts so that admin staff can quickly respond to emergency pings.

  • The ability to view homecare staff and relevant check-ins, emergency pings, and vaccination status by region.

  • Rich reporting to help you understand vaccination/testing status, contractor and staff check-ins, emergency incident descriptions and response metrics.

Our product responds to changing compliance needs and will add more functionality over time to provide even more value.

Staff Screening (Keep Clients Safe)

Zipline's staff screening feature allows field staff to do a daily check-in via a web link on their mobile phones.

Daily Screening Check-Ins: Mobile Web Link

Staff can enter required screening info using a simple check-in process each day. This will typically include:

  • Temperature (optionally used by some customers).

  • Health declaration to ensure they are fit to work for the day.

  • Recent work history (optionally used by some customers).

  • Any declarations as required.

As a one-time action, they can also add relevant vaccination evidence via this process.

Viewing Check-Ins & Staff: The Portal

A day-by-day list of check-ins can be viewed on the portal ( by selecting the relevant location in the menu. Admin staff can click into a specific check-in to view more details, such as the health declaration answered on that day.

Vaccination and Testing Status: Portal and Premium Insights

Admin staff can use the People Directory and filter by location to view all field staff by vaccination status. New staff can also be added here.

Premium Insights can be used to find data on the percentage of staff vaccinated by location for relevant vaccines/doses, as well as testing status.

Client Visits (Contractor/Staff Home Check-In)

Zipline's Client Visits feature allows field staff and contractors to check-in to client homes quickly and simply via a QR code placed just inside the home.

For example, staff check-in (part of the flow shown only):

Staff Check-In

This allows you to have a record of all staff that visited, ensuring they have been screened via a health declaration, temperature, and have appropriate testing and vaccination evidence. They can then screen clients and any people in the home to determine risk, and put in place appropriate safety protocols if someone in the home may present an infection risk to staff.

Contractor Check-In

This allows you to have a record of all contractors that visited, ensuring they have been screened via a health declaration, and that you have logs of details such as work order numbers so you can tie into business processes such as invoice reconciliation.

Emergency (Lone Worker Duress)

Zipline's emergency feature allows field staff to raise an emergency ping if they need assistance.

Sending Emergency Pings: Mobile Web Link

Staff can rapidly send emergency pings when they are under duress by tapping a web link shortcut icon on their smartphone home screen. This then directly triggers an emergency ping, which includes details about their location and sends an alert to specified numbers.

Viewing/Closing Pings: The Portal

Emergency pings can be viewed by an admin team, acted on, then marked as closed view the portal. When marking a ping as closed, the field staff member will receive an alert to let them know, and an incident description and time closed can be logged. Pings can also be marked as false alarms.

Reporting: Premium Insights

Premium Insights includes reporting to help you make emergency responses more efficient in the future by helping you understand:

  • Time to close an emergency ping.

  • The description of what happened for each ping.

Configuration & Deployment

General Setup

Zipline for Homecare is a paid offering. Once you have purchased the product, you will need to:

  • Provide the relevant regions/locations to organise how homecare staff check-ins are viewed in the portal.

  • If emergency ping support is included in what you purchased, 1) provide up to three numbers per location that will receive alerts about any emergency pings made, 2) provide a support number that field staff can contact,

  • Provide a list of staff that will require access to the portal.

Field Staff Device Setup

A web link shortcut can be deployed or self-deployed to devices so that field staff can easily access both check-in and emergency pings. Your Customer Success Manager will provide all relevant technical information and design assets.

First-Time Location Permissions Setup

Field staff will need to complete a check-in before using the emergency ping feature. This process will prompt them to provide location permissions, so that when they trigger an emergency ping, their location will be recorded.

For optimal performance for iPhone users, users should change their location access from "Ask" to "Allow" for on Safari. See Apple's support article on how to do this.

Adapting Settings

Your Customer Success Manager will help you configure the product further, including how to best set up the staff screening process.

If you are using Zipline's Compliance Promise, you will also receive automatic compliance updates to your health declarations.

Technical Requirements

Zipline for Homecare supports Android and iOS operating systems, and all modern mobile web browsers. In order for all features to work optimally:

  • Users should provide permission for the website to access location (so that emergency pings can include a location).

  • The web browser should not be used in private/incognito mode (so that a user does not need to enter their phone number before using the product).

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