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Ask visitors to document special information

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Zipline offers the ability to customise each visitor flow based on a number of common use cases, such as collecting health declarations, vaccination evidence, work history, etc.

For situations where special information needs to be captured, we also offer the ability to add a custom question to the flow for each visitor type at specified locations.

About The Custom Question

The custom question includes a completely customisable heading (up to 50 characters) and description (up to 420 characters). Visitors can then respond to the question using free text when checking in via the tablet.

Use Cases

We have seen the question used as a way to cover a number of different needs, such as details of when testing was performed, collecting information about food brought into a facility, etc.

Question Modes

The custom question includes two modes:

  • Required mode means a visitor must enter text before progressing to the next screen.

  • Optional mode adds a "Skip" button, so a visitor that does not have an answer for this question can progress to the next screen.

Answers to the custom question show up under "Additional Info" on the visitor check-in page.

Position of Screen

The custom question screen shows after all visitor details and other questions (e.g. work history) have been answered, but before vaccination evidence and declaration screens.

Setting Up A Custom Question

For guidance on how to best implement a custom question, contact your Customer Success Manager. When you are ready to set up a custom question, please contact Zipline Support to turn it on for you.

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