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How do I re-order labels for my printer?

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Zipline uses Brother DK 22205 Printers to pair with our devices. Once your provided label rolls run out, you will be required to order/purchase replacements on an ongoing basis.

What type of Labels?

The required labels are 62mm wide x 30.4mm black on white labels. These rolls hold approx 300 labels.

Where can I reorder?

Zipline does not stock these labels for purchase, however, we recommend that you find them using the below sources:

Officeworks: You can reorder Brother Labels via Officeworks using Product Code BRDK22205 or visiting this link.
Note: These Brother labels are also available at many other office supplies retailers eg Winx. They are a high quality option.

HotToner Generic Labels: You can reorder Generic DK22205 rolls from this link.
Note: These have been tested against the genuine Brother label rolls and there is no concerning difference. Stickiness and consistency are identical. The generic rolls have a slightly lighter thermal print output resulting in slightly lighter text. These are a more affordable option.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected] for any clarification.

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