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Contractor COVID Vaccination Compliance
Contractor COVID Vaccination Compliance

How to create custom requirements for different types of contractors

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Zipline includes powerful new functionality that lets you create custom contractor types, then associate relevant vaccination requirements to each contractor type as they check in.

This enables you to meet state health directives in a rapidly changing landscape. For example, you could require all allied health workers to provide evidence of having received a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, while at the same time not requiring contractors performing urgent maintenance to provide vaccination evidence.

Feature Setup

Once you you have confirmed your ideal setup (see the next section for our recommended setup), follow the steps below to activate this feature.

  1. Set up contractor types for your organisation

  2. Configure location by location by COVID Dose 1 and Dose 2 and Booster Dose

Step 1: Set up contractor types for your organisation

  1. Select "All locations" in the main menu.

  2. Click the "Settings" link on the main menu to access organisation-level settings.

  3. Click the "Visitor types" tab on the sidebar menu.

  4. Click "edit" to set contractor types as needed, using the "+" and "-" buttons to add and subtract types.

  5. Click save.

Note, contractor types should be set up thoughtfully. While contractor types can be added, removed, and edited, making changes may reduce the full value of any reporting features we may choose to build in the future.

Step 2: Configure location by location by COVID Dose 1 and Dose 2 & Booster Dose

  1. Select the location you would like to change in the main menu.

  2. Click the "Settings" link on the main menu to access its settings.

  3. Click the "Visitor types" tab on the sidebar menu.

  4. Click "edit" for "Contractors".

  5. For the relevant vaccination(s), click "edit" and choose how to apply your changes for different contractor types.

  6. Click "save" to apply the changes.

  7. Note, if a vaccination is marked as required but certain contractors are excluded, then the vaccination will be marked as optional for these contractors. This ensures they can still provide vaccination evidence if they would like to.

Step 3: That's it! Contractors will now be asked for relevant vaccination evidence.

When contractors check-in, they will:

  • Select "Contractor" in the visitor type selection screen.

  • Enter their phone number.

  • Select their contractor type.

  • Proceed to check in as usual, providing evidence as per your requirements.

Recommended Setup

Recommended Contractor Types

Zipline recommends the following contractor types being set up at the organisation level. These are mutually exclusive and provide exhaustive coverage for nationwide contractor types and vaccination requirements:

  • Allied health and care – medical practitioners and allied health professionals, including paramedics and emergency services staff, who regularly attend and provide care to residential aged care facility residents.

  • Engaged directly by a resident – in-reach service providers or contractors engaged by the resident of the facility providing one-off service (delivery driver, tradesperson, hairdresser, librarian, pastoral care worker or clergy).

  • Regular maintenance – a person or maintenance services provider engaged by the facility to provide regular maintenance to the facility (e.g. gardening, cleaning, upkeep, etc.).

  • Urgent maintenance – in-reach maintenance services for urgent cases when regular maintenance staff or contractors are not available (emergency plumbing, electrical work, etc.)

  • Emergency services – a person who enters a facility to respond to a medical emergency, or a non-medical emergency (e.g. a fire, flooding or a gas leak).

  • Compliance or law enforcement – a person performing a law enforcement function or an Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Field staff member, AN-ACC assessor, or an Aged Care Advocate delivering the National Aged Care Advocacy Program.

  • Students – any student on placement at a facility.

Recommended Vaccination Requirements

The table below provides Zipline Compliance's recommended requirements across all states in Australia as of October 2021 (note, as requirements constantly change, this is provided as an example only). Requirements may also from time to time include localised variations depending on outbreaks.

Common Questions

Will contractors be asked to choose the correct contractor type each visit?

Yes, however, if it becomes clear in future that contractor types are being used consistently, we may consider skipping this question on future visits.

Does this feature apply to other visitor types?

Currently, this only applies to contractors.

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