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Resident Match & Resident Name Memory
Resident Match & Resident Name Memory

Learn the features that help you manage resident data

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Zipline is designed to manage your resident data with three goals in mind:

  • Keeping data as accurate and clean as possible.

  • Ensuring a great visitor experience.

  • Respecting resident privacy.

Zipline has three features to support these goals:

  • Resident Match Mode & Resident Management System Integrations

  • Resident Merge

  • Resident Name Memory

Keeping Data Clean

Zipline offers integrations with popular resident management systems such as Epicor and ManAd Plus, as well as supporting bulk uploads of resident data through our customer success and support teams.

Once accurate resident data is in the system, it's important to keep it in order and make use of it to hold accurate records. That's where Resident Match Mode comes in.

Resident Match Mode

Resident Match helps visitors using the online booking system or checking in via a Zipline Tablet specify a resident that is already stored in Zipline. It has three modes.

Mode: Required

  • This mode only allows visitors to book or check-in if they type in an exact or near resident name to what is already in the system for the location specified. This keeps your data perfectly clean.

  • For example, if a visitor types in John Smith, but John Smith is not in the system, they will be asked to try again until they find a name that matches.

  • If a visitor mistypes a name, Did You Mean? helps them select a resident that is in the system. For example, "Jan Appleseed" would suggest "Jane Appleseed" to the visitor so they can select the correctly spelled name,

  • To make best use of this mode, ensure you always have up-to-date resident names in Zipline and educate visitors on how to use the system.

Mode: Optional

  • In those mode, If a visitor mistypes a name, Did You Mean? helps them select a resident that is in the system. However, a visitor can choose to continue with the originally entered name, adding a new resident to the system.

  • If a visitor types in a completely new name, they will be able to proceed, and the new resident will be added to the system.

Mode: Off

  • This mode does not include enforce any of the above.

  • This means that if there isn't an exact name match when a visitor books or checks in, then a new resident is added to the system. When an exact name match doesn't occur, this also means that some resident-level restrictions, such as total visitors across bookings per day will not always work precisely.

  • This makes it easy for visitors to check in and make a booking, but will require more active maintenance of resident data.

Resident Merge

To support active maintenance of resident data. we've created Resident Merge. This allows portal users with the relevant permissions to merge multiple resident records into one. For example, Jan Appleseed and Jane Appleseed may refer to the same person, so all activity history can merged into the same resident profile, with the correct name also applied.

Ensuring A Great Visitor Experience

Visitors want to spend as little time as possible making bookings and check-ins so they can spend more time with their loved ones. At Zipline, we design features that help visitors speed through the check-in process, while also ensuring we help our customers manage compliance, safety and the overall system.

Resident Name Memory

Resident Name Memory is a privacy-respecting feature that helps repeat visitors quickly make a check-in with the person they recently visited.

For example, if James visits Shaun every week, then he doesn't need to type in Shaun's name every single time he visits. He can instead just tap on the intelligent suggestion and skip through to the rest of the check-in process.

This also helps keep data clean. If James had to type Shaun's name each time he visited, he may occasionally mistype his name, creating a new resident record if Resident Match is turned off.

Respecting Privacy

Zipline is built to respect privacy from the ground-up. With all of the above features, we:

  • Will never show a list of all residents that reside at a certain location to visitors.

  • Will only show a resident's full name to a visitor if they type it in themselves.

  • Will only show a resident's first name to a returning visitor.

All of our powerful resident management features combined result in a system that makes it easy for you to manage residents, keep accurate records, and create a great visitors experience.

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