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Learn how to log and manage outings.

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Zipline's Outings feature makes it easy to replace paper forms and create an easy and safe outings experience. With Outings, facilities can:

  • Log resident outings via the tablet

  • Mark outings as completed via the tablet or portal

  • Manage outings via the portal.

Outings is designed with ease of access in mind. Outings can occur at any time (subject to restrictions), and can be logged by:

  • An accompanying visitor

  • The resident

  • Supporting staff members

The Outings Tablet Flow

Both resident check out and resident check in occur via the tablet.

Customising Outings

The following aspects of outings can be customised:

  • On check out, whether an acknowledgement screen is shown and the text that is displayed on it.

  • On check in, whether a declaration screen is shown and the text that is displayed on it., as well as whether a resident's temperature is checked.

To customise the outings, please contact support.

The Portal

The portal allows you to manage outings, including:

  • Seeing all outings in one place.

  • Seeing if a resident is not back when expected.

  • Marking a resident as returned.

  • Editing key details of an outing, such as expected return time, purpose, the check-in declaration and resident temperature.


What if a visitor is also popping in for a visit or is required to check-in?

The visitor should first complete a check-in and check-out, as required by your policy.

Outings is a separate process that we have made accessible to a number of users, including residents and staff. The outing should also be logged in the tablet when a visitor and resident are on the way out.

What if a member of staff is taking a resident out (e.g. to a medical appointment)?

The outing can simply be logged via the tablet, using the "I'm a resident flow". On the way back in, the staff member can use the tablet to check the resident back in. We use resident name matching to make this process seamless.

Can a resident log an independent outing if they don't have a phone?

Yes! They simply use the "I'm a resident" button on the phone number screen and then proceed to entering their name.

Can other questions be asked for outings?

Not at this time. However, we'd love to hear how we can add more value to the Outings feature for you, so please be in touch.

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