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Learn how visitors can use FastPass as an alternative to phone number check-in

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FastPass is a brand-new Zipline feature that provides a faster alternative to phone number check-in for visitors.

FastPass acts as a replacement ID. Once a visitor makes a booking, they will get access to their unique FastPass which can be used to check in to any of their bookings or check in without a booking in future.

This means they don't need to type in their phone number or specify the type of visitor they are when checking in.

Using FastPass

FastPass is currently an early access program for customers, and can be turned on by request as a per location setting. FastPass is currently available for general visitors only and does not support check-out or on-day group check-ins. Additionally, dependants do not have their own FastPass.

FastPass Visitor Flow

Visitors using Zipline will get a number of prompts to make using FastPass easy. In addition, they can continue to use their phone number to check-in and will have the same familiar check-in process.

Step 1: Make a booking.

To get a FastPass, visitors simply need to make a booking in one of two ways.

Regular Bookings

When a visitor makes a booking, the final screen will show a copy of their FastPass. From here, they will also receive a text message with a link to their visitor profile, including their FastPass.

For group bookings, the primary visitor will get a copy of all FastPasses. They also have the option to send a text message to other visitors so they can receive a copy of their own FastPass.

Walk-In Mode

In addition to bookings made before a visit, Zipline customers can also request a FastPass Kit which includes unique location QR Codes. These codes can be placed conveniently on posters at pre-entry points (e.g. the car park) and used by visitors who are walking in without a booking:

  • Visitors can scan the QR Code to make an on the spot booking.

  • Visitors can then walk up to a Zipline Tablet or Thermal Pro to complete the final check-in steps using their FastPass as an ID.

Both regular bookings and walk-in mode allow visitors to complete part of the kiosk check-in steps early, at their own convenience. This reduces the time visitors spend at check-in kiosks.

Step 2: Check in with FastPass

A visitor with a FastPass handy on their phone can simply walk up to a Zipline Thermal Pro or Tablet and check-in using their FastPass, with or without a booking.

If a booking was made within an hour of check-in at a kiosk, visitors will not be asked to complete a health declaration again, saving time.

Zipline Thermal Pro FastPass Check-In

Zipline Tablet FastPass Check-In

FastPass: Check-In Screens Skipped

FastPass saves visitors time. After they scan their FastPass, the following screens will be skipped, saving up to 10-15 seconds per visitor.

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