Tablet: Q3 2021 Releases

Learn about brand new features and improvement to the Zipline tablet app.

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Version 4655

First Released Nov 1


  • Support for turning visitor flows on or off by location.


  • Improved design of the check out success screen

  • Improved design of the “not here to visit a specific resident” button to make it visible when the keyboard pops up.

Version 4613

First Released Oct 17


  • Support for non-resident visitors


  • Optional and required mode for the custom question that can be asked for each visitor type.


  • Fixes an issue where the tablet would sometimes crash if a first-time visitor checked in with multiple visitors

  • Fixes an issue that could block check-in of contractors created in the portal with no associated organisation.

Version 4567

First Released October 7


  • New contractor type screen that shows if these types have been configured.

  • Vaccination evidence requirements now show up based on contractor type configuration, if turned on.


  • Fixed a number of small bugs which will improve reliability.

Version 4533

First Released September 20


  • Resident outings support.

  • A custom question that can be asked for each visitor type.


  • Improved support for daily maximum visitors restriction.


  • Fixes an issue where state-based QR Codes weren’t caching correctly and could not load properly on the success screen.

Version 4277

First Released July 18


  • We have now combined badge printing successful check-in screen. This makes it quicker for visitors to check-in and easier for them to understand what they need to do before their visit.

  • We now support State QR Codes in all states with legal requirements currently or soon to be in place, including NSW, NT, QLD, TAS and VIC.

  • Significantly improved screens for adding and approving evidence make it clearer what vaccination evidence is being added and approved.


  • We now skip the visitor name and company/organisation name screens for repeat visitors (where relevant).

  • Contractor company name and work order reference number are separate screens so information is easier to enter.

  • "Check in" and "check out" are now used consistently across the app to provide accessible language for visitors.


Numerous reliability enhancements.

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