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October 13


  • View and edit SMS notification templates.

  • Send a cancellation SMS.


  • Fixed an issue where a staff Integration ID could get removed during check-in.

October 6


  • Add a new resident.

  • Create contractor types with different vaccination evidence requirements.

September 28


  • Add a new person and load their evidence in before they visit.

  • Filter by vaccination evidence status for any vaccination type.

  • Mark people that might not be active anymore (e.g. departing staff, no longer engaged contractors) as inactive to exclude them from the main people directory list.

September 17


  • Global setttings management, allowing you apply changes to health declarations, temperature, entry requirements and capacity restrictions to multiple areas and visitor types in one go.

  • Change organisation messages; the welcome message and Ts and Cs.

  • Special single location mode with all settings in one page.

  • Capacity restrictions can now be batch edited on a location level.

September 14


  • People directory will now show only the people who have checked in to a location before if a specific location is selected in the global locations switcher. All people will show under “All locations”.

  • A special single location mode to automatically show all content across the portal.

August 31


  • Support for Outings.

  • The "Check-ins" tab has been renamed to "Activity".

August 11


  • People directory now sorts A-Z.

  • Set max group booking size up to 10 people.

  • Only a landline is needed when editing location phone numbers.

July 21


See who made a booking via the portal – applies to all bookings made from this release onwards.

July 15


  • Approve vaccination evidence directly from the booking tab

  • A new pop-up window makes it easy to approve multiple pieces of vaccination evidence for multiple visitors in one go.

  • Visitor notes let you store persistent notes for regular visitors, providing invaluable context across the portal.

  • Make changes to recently visited regions on a booking or check-in.

July 9


  • Can now edit the name of a dependant and associated vaccination evidence.


  • Fixed a bug where, in rare cases, dependant's vaccination evidence was not showing on a check-in (even though it was correctly stored).

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