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A number of state government require, or will soon require, the use of QR Codes linked to government contact tracing apps in care facilities. Zipline has a built-in feature to make complying to the new health directions a) easy for you and b) seamless for visitors.

What's required?

  1. The relevant health directions in each state continue to require a system for screening and keeping records for health declarations, vaccinations, temperature, restrictions, and even contact tracing information such as check out time.

  2. Additionally, all visitors (excluding staff in QLD), will be required to scan the Government QR Codes. To make this seamless, we walk visitors through what to do entirely within Zipline. We will display a screen with a QR Code based on the relevant location a visitor is checking into (see below for Victorian example). This will be the final step after a check-in has been submitted.

  3. To make this as easy as possible for customers, Zipline will help manage the setup of the QR Codes so they are mapped 1:1 to the locations in Zipline and the system is configured correctly.

The screen above (as relevant to each state) will appear as the final step after a visitor successfully completes a check-in. If a visitor does not press the "Finish" button within 45 seconds, we will automatically move back to the welcome screen so that the next visitor can check-in if someone walks away.

We believe our solution will result in the best visitor experience and at the same time make it easy for you to manage this from a compliance perspective. Below, we answer some frequently asked questions.


What is the check-in process for visitors?

  1. Visitors check in with Zipline as per normal, that is, they take their temperature and fill in any other details such as who they are visiting.

  2. After filling in their details and submitting the Zipline check-in , a QR Code will appear on the final screen so that visitors can scan it.

  3. Scanning a QR Code will launch the relevant location check-in screen for the app so they can submit their check-in. They can then tap "Finish" so that the next visitor can check-in.

  4. At the end of their visit, visitors check out with Zipline for a complete contact tracing record.

We will continue to listen to feedback so that we can evolve the product to meet both compliance and visitor experience needs.

What happens if a visitor did not bring a phone or is unable to scan the QR Code?

  • We understand this may be a regular occurrence.

  • VIC: The Victorian Govt website states that "workplaces must use an alternative record keeping system (such as pen and paper) when it is not practicable for a person to record their attendance using a QR code service." Therefore, only using Zipline for these scenarios may be suitable.

  • QLD: The Check In Qld app includes a business profile mode that can be used to check in visitors.

Does this apply to contractor, volunteer and staff check-ins, too?

  • VIC/NSW/SA/TAS/NT: Yes, all people that pass through a facility, with some exceptions (e.g. ambulance staff) are required to check in.

  • QLD: Yes for contractors and volunteers. Staff are excluded.

What about group check-ins?

The QR Code screen will only display once at the very end, after all visitors have submitted their details.

How do I verify that visitors have checked in with QR Code?

  • All government check-in apps do not provide a way to access the check ins submitted by visitors.

  • Facilities should work in good faith to provide instructions for visitors to check in and implement any checks and balances on this process as needed.

  • Zipline will continue to be an important safeguard, capturing all required compliance information as well as contact tracing data.

Can Zipline just send contact tracing data to a State Government so visitors don't need to use the QR Code apps?


  • The Victorian Govt is currently not providing a way for any software provider, including Zipline, to do this.

  • Previously, the Victorian Govt had opened a Visitations API for this purpose, but later abandoned its plans.

  • We are in close contact with the Victorian Govt – we were one of the first to start work on the Visitations API, and have since had regular briefs on the best way to support their new policy direction with our software. If it once again becomes possible to automatically send data to the government for contact tracing, we will invest heavily to do this as quickly as possible.

All Other States

  • State governments are currently not providing a way for any software provider, including Zipline, to do this.

  • We are committing resources to support whatever integration becomes available and exploring ways to improve the visitor experience.

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