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Learn more about how visitors, contractors, patients, staff and volunteers can use Zipline.

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Zipline is a powerful platform, helping you manage different types of visitors that may enter a facility. This article outlines how we cater to different visitor types and the screens they see when they check in to a facility.

General Visitors

General visitors, known simply as "visitors" have comprehensive support in Zipline, including:

  • A booking website for visitors to book themselves in.

  • The ability to make bookings and check them in via the portal.

  • A tablet for check-ins where visitors can easily check themselves in.

We collect all relevant information about visitors to make future visits easier and to support compliance and contact tracing needs, such as:

  • Who they are visiting, where and when

  • Health information such as temperature, vaccination status and a health declaration.

  • Any other details needed for compliance.

Special Visitor Types

Along with all the key information we collect for general visitors, we also have tailored support for other visitor types.


Contractors are common visitors at all facilities, visiting either frequently or infrequently to support their operation. For contractors, we collect helpful additional info such as company name, work reference number and who they are visiting.


Staff are there day in, day out, and therefore we've made it lightning fast to check in and out. As part of this, we also capture any critical compliance info such as recent work history.


Volunteers play a massively important role in many communities, so we've built a flow just for them. As they check in, volunteers can enter their organisation name, who they are visiting, and recent volunteering history.


Some care facilities will also cater to patients. We've built a flow just for them, capturing just the basic information so that they can easily check in and out.

Visitor Check-In Flows

When checking in, each visitor type goes through a specific flow (a sequence of screens, starting at the welcome screen, and ending at the success screen), based on your settings.

For general visitors, the flow is a little special, with extra screens, as well as rules that help determine whether they are allowed to enter:

  • Visitors with a booking will skip a number of screens, as the information was already provided in the booking.

  • Visitors without a booking need to specify who they are visiting, and which area they are located in. They will also need to specify the duration of their visit (if there are restrictions in place). Multiple visitors, including dependants, can also be added.

  • Restrictions, such as number of visitors per resident, can be applied to ensure that visitors are not allowed to enter if any limits are exceeded.

The screens any type of visitor may see are listed below, in order.

Screen Description

Visitor Type / Customisation

Welcome & Temp Taking

All Visitors

Visitor Type Selection

All Visitors

Personal Details – Phone

All Visitors

Personal Details – Name

All Visitors

Personal Details – Email (QLD Only)

All Except Staff (Optional)

Personal Details – Org/Company Name

Contractors may also add a ref number.

Contractors & Volunteers (Configurable)

Who Are You Visiting?

Choose between resident, staff or other.

Visitors, Contractors & Volunteers

Visitors first choose the area, if required.

Health Declaration

Answer any health screening questions.

All Visitors (Optional & Configurable)

Recently Visited Regions

Add recently visited states.

All Visitors (Optional)

Recent Work History

Specify any facilities recently visited.

Staff & Volunteers (Optional & Configurable)

Custom Question

Ask a custom question.

All Visitors (Optional & Configurable)

Entry Requirements (Tests/Vaccination)

Add vaccination and testing evidence.

All Visitors (Optional & Configurable)

Staff Approval

Approve any added vaccination files.

All Visitors (If Required)

Signature / Declaration

Accept or sign for any terms.

All Visitors (Optional & Configurable)

Success & Badge Collection

Visitors complete check-in, get a badge.

All Visitors (Badge Optional)

All visitors may also check out using the tablet.


With Zipline, all of the above visitor flows are highly customisable, including:

  • Optionality: You are able to switch certain screens on or off.

  • Configurability: You are able to customise the language on certain screens.

  • Compliance: You can manage compliance requirements, e.g. restrictions.

Visitor Booking Website

General visitors also have access to a mobile-friendly booking website. This allows them to plan for their next visit by adding their details (including those of any other visitors), adding vaccination evidence if required, then specifying who they are visiting and when.

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