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Version 4090

First Released June 21


  • Support for a brand new visitor type, Volunteers. As they check in, volunteers can enter their organisation name, who they are visiting, and recent volunteering history.


  • Visitor name is now a single field, making it easier for visitors to move to the next screen.

  • The "who are you visiting?" screen now has an improved design.

  • Visitors are no longer asked who to link a dependant to if there's only one other visitor in the group.

  • Visitors who have no existing dependants linked to them are progressed immediately to the screen for adding a new dependant.

Previous Releases

Released During May-June 2021

Improvements to automatic temperature taking experience:

  1. Clear Sign-in / Sign-out call to action buttons after temperature screening

  2. Minor visual changes to different temperature states

New in-app keypad for entering phone numbers

Faster for all visitor types to enter their phone number (less likely to make errors)

Smarter, faster, and more simplified flow for walk-in visitors:

  1. Visitors are not shown the “Have you pre-booked” screen (we can automatically look it up based on their phone number)

  2. Visitors no longer need to pick their “time slot” if the facility capacity allows for the visit

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