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People Directory & Managing Resident/Visitor Details
People Directory & Managing Resident/Visitor Details

View profiles for all of your people and manage their details

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Zipline's powerful people directory enables portal users to:

  • See and search for all people in your organisation, i.e. visitors, residents, staff, contractors and patients.

  • Click into a person's profile and see a visiting log and statistics.

  • View all personal details, such as name, phone number, email, and whether a person has any linked dependants.

  • Edit personal details, such as name, phone number, email and company name.

  • View and manage all vaccination evidence at any time for all visitor types.

Learn more about how to use the People Directory below.

Navigating to a Person's Profile

There are two ways to find a person and navigate to their profile:

  • Clicking on any mention of a person's name. Almost every mention of a person's name is a link that can be clicked to take you to that person's profile. Whether it's in the bookings or check-ins tab, a booking overview page, or an activity record, simply hover over a person's name – an underline will confirm that you can click a link that will take you to their profile.

  • Search via the People Directory. Use our fast search feature to find a person's profile quickly. Simply pick the type of person (e.g. visitor or staff member) you are looking for and type their name into the search field.

Managing All Visitor Types

Once you are in a person's profile, simply click the relevant tab to manage their information:

  • Activity shows you their visiting history. To manage a booking or check-in, just click on the timestamp.

  • Personal details lets you edit name and email address.

  • Evidence lets you make changes to vaccination evidence.

  • Dependants lets you view dependants.

Please contact support if you need to manage other details.

Managing Vaccination Evidence

Part of Zipline's comprehensive vaccination management offering is the ability to add new vaccination evidence or replace evidence with an error. Changes can be made at any time and will affect visitor check-ins going forward or any pending bookings.

Learn more about how you use configure Zipline to manage vaccination evidence and how to make changes on a visitor in our dedicated article.

Managing Residents

Zipline features two ways to manage resident information:

  1. Integrations with resident management systems. We integrate directly with systems such as Epicor, providing a tight sync to make sure data always stays accurate. Integration are a paid add-on, so please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in setting this up.

  2. Via a resident's profile in People Directory. Simply click on a resident's profile to change their name, mark them as unavailable for visits,, or change their location. You can also view information about who has visited them via the Activity tab.

The People Directory tab also lets you merge resident records that are in the same location (in the case of duplicate information). Using the Residents tab, click the checkboxes of the resident records you would like merge, then confirm the changes.

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