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The SMS messages you can send visitors

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Zipline allows you to turn on a number of SMS alerts to improve your visitor experience.

There are six types of alerts

  • Booking confirmations (for general visitors)

  • Cancellation messages (for general visitors)

  • Reschedule confirmations (for general visitors)

  • Booking reminders (for general visitors)

  • Sign out reminders (for general visitors)

  • Experience surveys (for general visitors)

  • SMS badges (for general visitors, contractors, staff and patients)

The contents of each notification, and whether it sends, can be configured via settings. Cancellation messages can be optionally sent when cancelling a booking.

Booking confirmations

This sends visitors a confirmation of their booking.

Cancellation messages

This sends visitors a confirmation that their booking was cancelled. There is an option to send a message when cancelling a booking, provided a mobile phone number is associated with a visitor.

Reschedule confirmations

If a booking has been rescheduled, this will send them a confirmation of their updated booking.

Booking reminders

Send a reminder to visitors 24 hours before their booking start time. These reminders will be sent unless the booking was created within 60 hours of the starting time.

Sign out reminders

Remind visitors to sign out of their booking. This message will be sent 15 minutes after the scheduled booking end time if a visitor hasn't signed out. The message won't send if restrictions were bypassed when creating the booking.

Example text message

Hi, it's a little over your time of booking. If you have not signed out yet, please begin to make your way out and sign out using this link Thanks!

Sign out flow

Each visitor will receive a message, with any visitors who have signed in a dependant being able to sign them out too. After a visitor clicks on the link from their text message, sign outs are completed via a smartphone with one tap. Visitors can also easily re-book after they have signed out.

Experience surveys

Send a survey to visitors after they’ve left to help understand the experience provided by each site. These surveys are sent out no more than every 30 days based on the questions you would like to ask.

What determines when a survey is sent

  • A survey will be sent to the primary visitor on a booking if at least one visitor on the booking has checked in.

  • The survey will send at the booking end time or 10 minutes after a visitor checks out, whichever is earlier.

  • If there are no duration restrictions for a location, there will be no booking end time. In this case, a survey will be sent out 30 minutes after the primary visitor checks in.

  • A survey will be sent the first time a visitor checks in to a location.

  • The system then enforces a minimum 30 day wait period between surveys (e.g. if a visitor checks in 29 days after their first visit, they will not get a survey, but if they check in 31 days after, they will then get a survey).

  • If a visitor checks in at multiple locations, then each site will be treated independently (i.e. visitors may receive surveys more frequently than every 30 days).

  • Surveys will send regardless of whether the previous survey was completed.

SMS badges

These alerts are intended to serve as an alternative to physical badges, providing proof to staff members that a visitor, contractor, staff member or patient has checked in. SMS badges apply to all visitor types.

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