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Sanitising Your Thermal Pro
Sanitising Your Thermal Pro

How to ensure your Thermal Pro remains hygienic

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Zipline Thermal Pros are designed to screen visitors for high temperatures before they interact with the touchscreen. As an added safety measure, we also recommend setting a regular daily cleaning schedule to sanitise your device(s).

How to sanitise your Thermal Pro

  1. Prepare a 70-75%-proof alcohol wipe/swab for use. Zipline includes a handful of swabs for you to use. If you don’t have any left, we recommend using Clinell’s Universal Range.

    Alternatively you can also use rubbing alcohol (of at least 70% proof, the higher, the better) with a microfiber cloth. If you’re using the rubbing alcohol, dampen your cloth (but don’t oversaturate) with the alcohol.

  2. Gently wipe down the screen only. Be careful to avoid the camera module/buttons/gaps along the side of the device as the Zipline Thermal Pro unit is not waterproof. If you're using rubbing alcohol with a wipe, be sure not to apply too much pressure as it could scratch the screen.

  3. Once done, wipe down your screen and make sure there is no superficial moisture remaining on the screen.

  4. Your shiny, clean Zipline Thermal Pro is ready to use again.

What not to use

Water-based cleaners or other cleaning agents

  • This is because water-based cleaners take longer to dry and can affect the touch screen

  • Never use products like Windex or other cleaning solvents; they risk damaging the protective coating found on your screen.

  • Use only alcohol cleaners, preferably those of high alcohol proof (at least 70%) and without additional chemical reagents (such as fragrances/chlorine) as they may result in liquid-damage and corrosion.

  • Avoid using hand sanitiser (especially in gel form).

Paper or tissue wipes

  • Never wipe or clean your tablet screen with paper towels, facial tissues, or cloths, as these may scratch the surface. Only use a microfiber cloth.

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