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Managing Vaccination Requirements
Managing Vaccination Requirements

Learn about supported vaccine types, configuration options, and how evidence is added

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Zipline allows you to manage vaccination requirements and store records for your visitors all in one place.

Setting Up Vaccine Requirements

Supported Vaccines

  • Flu 2021

  • Flu 2022

  • Flu 2023 (coming soon)

  • COVID 19 Dose 1

  • COVID 19 Dose 2

  • COVID-19 Booster Dose

  • COVID-19 Booster Dose 2

Configuration Options

For each of the supported vaccines, there are three potential configurations:

  1. Off – A visitor will not be asked to add vaccination evidence.

  2. Optional – A visitor can opt to add vaccination evidence, but is not required to (i.e. they may skip and still enter the facility).

  3. Required – A visitor must add vaccination evidence that is approved by a staff member to enter the facility.

You are in control of which vaccines are off, optional or required. Any portal user with access to Settings can make these changes.

These configurations can be set on a location and visitor type level. For example, you could make the COVID 19 Dose 2 vaccine required for all staff, but optional for all contractors in Melbourne.

You can read more about editing Visit Flows in this article.

Recommendations for Aged Care

How you configure the system will depend on factors such as:

  1. Local health directions. e.g. many states have required flu vaccination evidence to be up-to-date for the current season from May or June of each year.

  2. Your policy preferences: e.g. some employers may require frontline staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

  3. Vaccine availability: e.g. the flu vaccination is seasonal, and may not be in full supply.

Each provider should make decisions that are appropriate based on local health directions, policy preferences, and relevant medical advice. However, as a guide, we recommend the following approach as suitable for many providers:

  • The 2022 flu vaccination is set to optional for all visitor types in early to mid April. This will allow records to be stored ahead of anticipated change to mandatory flu vaccinations for the new season in May by many states.

  • The COVID-19 vaccination should be kept off, unless: a) you have a policy preference to make it optional or required, b) substantial portions of the visiting population have had the opportunity to be vaccinated and you would like to start tracking coverage.

  • The minimise burden on visitors, only COVID-19 dose 2 only needs to be configured to optional or required (as this dose will provide the most complete protection). If more comprehensive records are required, then dose 1 can also be used.

  • As soon as local health directions change, set the vaccine to required.

Storing and Managing Evidence

Adding Evidence (for Visitors)

Zipline will simply ask for a photo of vaccination evidence and link it to the specific type of vaccine. This approach ensures evidence can quickly be added. Evidence can be added via:

  1. The booking system: Visitors may add optional or required evidence to their booking, or if they do not have it at the time, skip until on the day.

  2. The tablet: Visitors can take a photo of evidence they have brought in with them via the tablet.

Approving Evidence

Staff may approve evidence via the portal or the tablet.

Via The Portal – Before a Visit

If a visitor has made a booking, then:

  • The Approvals tab provides a dedicated place to approve all vaccination evidence, and review recently approved evidence.

  • Any optional or required evidence that has been added shows up as "Approval required" in the "Bookings" tab.

  • Any required evidence that has not been added shows up as "Pending" in the "Bookings" tab.

During A Check-In – Tablet, PIN Code, and Remote Approvals

There are three ways to approve evidence when a visitor has pending evidence or adds it during the process of checking in:

  • Via the tablet, using a PIN code at the "Staff review required" screen (after the "Entry requirements" screen. Simply enter the PIN code and the name of the person approving vaccination evidence. If a PIN code has not been set up, only a name is required.

  • Remotely, via a notification in the portal, or via a text message sent to a mobile phone.

Single Visit Exemptions

If no required evidence is added, a once-off approval can be issued via the tablet or the portal.

  • On the tablet. Staff will need to type their name on the approval screen before a visitor completed their check-in.

  • On the portal. Navigate to a booking and underneath the visitor's vaccination evidence, click "Approve for this visit". The email address of the approving user will be stored.

After a single visit approval, a visitor will need to continue to show evidence of vaccination and/or get staff approval for each visit.

Adding or Replacing Evidence (for Portal Users)

For all visitor types, portal users can add or replace evidence via the portal by navigating to the person's profile and using the evidence tab.

  • To add evidence, simply click "Add approved file", then add then select the relevant file.

  • To replace evidence, simply click "Replace", then add then select the relevant file.

  • To delete evidence, simply click the trash can icon and confirm you would like to continue with deletion.

All changes affect the visitor's profile, meaning the next time they check-in, the new evidence will be used for the check-in.

Storing Evidence

All evidence is stored in Zipline, preventing the need to ask for it for each visit, and providing valuable compliance documentation. All evidence is stored securely on our servers.

Bulk Uploads

We are able to bulk upload flu vaccination evidence during customer onboarding. Going forward, all future evidence need to be uploaded to Zipline as more visitors use the platform. Please reach out to Zipline Customer Support if you would like help with bulk uploads post onboarding.

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