To turn on/off bookings for a location, log into the Zipline Management Portal with your credentials. Once you've done so:

  1. If you have multiple locations, select the location you'd like to change booking status for with the dropdown on the top left corner of the Management Portal. Otherwise, skip this step.

  2. Click Settings on the header.

  3. Click Visiting on the left options.

  4. To lockdown or open bookings for the entire location, toggle the switch next to Visitor Bookings. To lockdown or open bookings for a single sub-area of a location, toggle the switch next to the respective sub-area.

Important notes when locking down a facility

Once you've successfully locked a location or sub-area down, your visitors will no longer be able to create new bookings online for this location or sub-area on your booking link until you've re-enabled the ability to do so.

Additionally, the status light will change from green to orange beside a location to indicate that it's locked down.

Bookings made prior to the lockdown are not automatically cancelled.

๐Ÿ’ก Pro tip: At this stage, this setting is for online bookings only; if you need to close walk-in visits, please contact [email protected] and the team should be able to work out an alternative with you based on your requirements. Otherwise, new walk-ins and sign-ins on-site must be prevented by staff.

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