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The rating profile filter allows you to filter your insights, comments and ratings pages by the rating profile

that was used to submit the rating.There are 3 options that you can select from when using this filter:

  • All Profiles - This will select every single profile that your company has.

  • In Use Profiles - This will select any rating profiles that are currently being used by devices or dedicated links.

  • Custom - This option allows you to manually select each rating profile and version that you want.

    • Clicking on the Cog/Setting icon will show all versions of that profile.

    • The date shown is the date that profile version was published.

    • The In use icon signifies profiles and profile versions that are currently being used by a device or a dedicated link (these are the profile versions that are selected when you pick the In Use Profiles option).

Note: This filter changes what is shown in the Rating Filter. For example, if you have an NPS Drivers rating profile and that profile is not selected, then the NPS Drivers multi choice question in that profile will not appear in the rating filter.

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