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How does RateIt's Third-party review booster work?
How does RateIt's Third-party review booster work?
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RateIt’s third-party review booster is a unique feature that aims to increase your positive online reviews on Google Review, TripAdvisor, or Facebook.

This is done through the use of smart technology that automatically sends out a request to promoters who have left an email address. Promoter customers are those who have left an NPS rating of 9 or 10.

The email will include a direct link to your review party of choice, as in the below screenshot:

Your customers will then be able to open up directly to the comment box by tapping the link and leaving you a positive review!


This feature does not send, upload, or reflect the RateIt feedback automatically on the online review sites we support. The feature aims to increase your positive online reviews by giving your Promoter customers your online review link in an easy and frictionless manner.


Why does RateIt not automatically push the rating directly to Google, TripAdvisor, or Facebook?

  • These review sites are user posted and require an account and user authorisation to post.

We have several customers that are Promoters, but our online reviews did not improve.

  • Make sure you send RateIt (via [email protected]) your precise review link.

  • Consider including an incentive for positive reviews online!

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