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How do I configure my email signature?
How do I configure my email signature?
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You can add the four RateIt smileys at the bottom of your email signature. When someone clicks a smiley from your email, they'll be taken to a RateIt web link for your profile of choice. You can configure the question asked and the helpful text. If you want, we can help you configure it so that after clicking a smiley, your customers skip the customer experience screen (the one with the four smileys).

This is what it looks like:

The smileys themselves are clickable links that direct to a web link and will simulate the user having clicked that smiley on the customer experience screen. The text "How would you rate my email?" and "It takes 10 seconds…" are both configurable.

Configuring your email signature

Creating these email signatures requires some HTML editing to set the correct text and URLs. To do this, you need to edit the code. Surprise! (Don't worry, we have very detailed instructions for you to follow right here). On the plus side, after you do this, you can definitely tell people you are a web developer.

1. Download the HTML

The first step is to download the HTML:

  1. Download the email signature here.

  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file.

2. Edit the HTML signature

You will need a basic text editor. Here are some options, depending on your computer:

Windows computers

Mac computers

Right-click on the downloaded HTML file that was extracted from the ZIP file and open it with this text editor.

There are a number of "Edit Points" flagged in the HTML code denoting the points where the HTML code can be safely edited.

Edit point 2.1: The top line of text

By default, the text here says "How would you rate my email?". You can change the text within the `<span></span>` tags to be whatever question you want to ask, ideally the same as what is used in the rating profile.

Edit point 2.2 - 2.4: The links behind the smileys

These are the links behind the smileys. These should be updated to point to your dedicated link URL. Change the URL in the `<a href="">` attribute to your dedicated link.

Skipping the customer experience screen

Make sure you keep the ` ?experience=Awesome` etc. at the end of the URL. This will result in the smiley clicked being registered as the smiley on the experience screen.

Edit point 3: The bottom line of the text

This is the bottom line of the text. By default, it is "It takes 10 seconds, and our management reads every response". Change the text within the `<span></span>` tags.

Verifying and reviewing your changes

To verify the changes you have made, open the HTML file in a web browser (e.g. Chrome). You should be able to do this by just double-clicking on the file. You should be able to click the smileys and have them navigate to the correct dedicated link. You should also verify the text is correct.

Adding the HTML file to your email signature

If you need any help, feel free to get in touch.

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