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Access Levels in the RateIt Portal
Access Levels in the RateIt Portal
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Here's a quick rundown of the different types of portal access levels you can grant your portal users:

Super Users

Think of Super Users as company admins who have complete access to all RateIt data and portal functionality for every location within the company.

These users are usually appointed during the initial RateIt rollout process and are generally high-level managers such as the RateIt Project Lead, IT Manager, CEO, Customer Service Team, Regional Managers etc.

Super Users are responsible for adding additional users to the portal and also have the ability to manually set ratings as either invalid (or valid) where needed.

Standard Users

Typically speaking, Standard Users are users who require limited access to the company portal (for example, Store Managers who only need access to their store's data).

When adding a Standard User, you will have the option to enable the following:

  • Allow the user to reply to customer feedback

  • Allow the user to manage ratings (i.e. manually mark ratings as invalid/valid)

Read-only access

If you would like to grant a user read-only access to all or certain locations, simply add them as you would a Standard User - but ensure that the "Can reply to customer comments" and "Can manage ratings" check-boxes are UN-CHECKED.

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