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Adding Users to the RateIt Portal
Adding Users to the RateIt Portal
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As a Super User, you are responsible for adding new users to the portal and setting their access levels. Here's how to do it:

1. Click your Username from the top menu

2. Click Settings from the dropdown

3. Click User Access from the menu to the left

4. Click Add a new portal user

5. Choose whether you want to add a Super User or a Standard User

6. Fill in the relevant fields (Email, Name etc.) - if you're adding a Super User click Add User, and you're done!

7. If you're adding a Standard User, you'll also need to determine whether you'd like them to be able to reply to customer messages, if you'd like them to access the Rating Manager, and Can manage in-survey staff selection.

8. Click Next>

9. Select which locations you'd like the user to have access to

10. Click Add

The new user will then receive an account activation link via email where they can set their password and log in!

Important things to Note:

  • You CANNOT change the type of access a user has, so please be careful! Should you need to, however, you'll have to delete the current account and then add a new one with the new access level.

  • You can check whether or not a user has activated their account or resend their invite from the User Access menu:

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