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Assigning Staff to devices and locations
Assigning Staff to devices and locations
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After adding staff members to the portal, the next step is to go to the next page called Assignments on the Settings page. Again, superusers can see this page and standard users with the relevant permission.

Assigning staff members

On this page, you will see a list of all the locations/stores. To assign a staff member to a location, simply click the Add Staff button next to the location you want to add them to and select the staff members from the list. It is that simple! For the staff member to show up in the app, just submit a rating (which will cause the app to get the new staff member list). P.S. You can mark this rating as invalid; to find out more, see our article on managing ratings.

For more complex management, if you have more than one device at a location, then you can customise which device the staff members will show in. Click on All Devices next to a staff member, and it will list all the devices that are at that location. By default, staff members will be assigned to all devices at that location; however, you can unassign them from individual devices there by simply unticking the checkbox next to the device you no longer want them to show on.

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