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Setting Up the Staff Activity
Setting Up the Staff Activity
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What is the staff activity?

The staff activity is a type of question that you can include in your MicroSurvey that allows customers to select which staff member served them.

Staff Activity in the app

How can I use this feature?

There are a few parts to getting this set up. You will need to have the staff activity added to your rating profile. If you would like it and don't have it, get in touch with us at [email protected], and we would be delighted to help add it. The other part will be setting up the staff members that show in the app in the RateIt Portal, which you can do even before this question has been added to your profile.

Adding Staff Members

The first step to setting this up is to add staff members to the portal that you then later assign to locations or even individual devices.

First, go to the Settings page in the portal and then Staff Profiles on the side panel. You must be a Super User to be able to access this page or a Standard User who has been given permission to manage staff rating settings.

Note: Standard users can add/remove staff members for this question type as well as only assign/un-assign staff members to the locations they have access to.

Staff profiles in the RateIt Portal

At the top, click the blue + button in the Add a new staff member section. The section will expand where you can enter some information about that staff member.

Full Name

This is the full name of the staff member. It will be used when displaying the ratings that include staff members. This must be unique (i.e. Each staff member in the company must have a different full name).

Display Name

This is the name shown in the app. You could enter a nickname, a shorter version of their name or whatever you want that helps customers identify that staff member.

Add a Photo

Here, you have the option to add a photo of the staff member. This will be shown in the app and in the portal.

Adding a staff member

Once all those details are filled out, click Add Staff. The first time you add a staff member, a box will pop up asking if you want to immediately assign them to a location. You may do that next, or you can continue to add more staff members.

Assigning Staff to Locations

The next step to setting up staff ratings is to go to the next page called Assignments on the Settings page. Again, super users can see this page and standard users with the relevant permission.

Assigning staff members

On this page, you will see a list of all the locations/stores. To assign a staff member to a location, simply click the Add Staff button next to the location you want to add them to and select the staff members from the list. It is that simple! For the staff member to show up in the app, just submit a rating (which will cause the app to get the new staff member list).

P.S. You can mark this rating as invalid; to find out more, see our article on managing ratings.

For more complex management, if you have more than one device at a location, then you can customise which device the staff members will show in. Click on All Devices next to a staff member, and it will list all the devices that are at that location. By default, staff members will be assigned to all devices at that location; however, you can unassign them from individual devices there by simply unticking the checkbox next to the device you no longer want them to show on.

Further Staff Management

Editing Staff Members

You may edit a staff member at any time by clicking on them in the Staff Profile list. You may change any of the details about them as well as the picture.

Deleting Staff Members

You may delete a staff member. To do this, click on them in the Staff Profile list and select Remove Staff. This will remove them from ever being able to be assigned again and will unassign them from all locations they are currently assigned to. They will continue to show up in any reports or charts that contain ratings where they were selected, however.

Managing Assignments

You may assign and unassign staff members from places or devices at any time. For the updated list to show in the app, just submit a rating (which you can mark as invalid, see managing ratings).

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