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Salesforce Integration with RateIt
Salesforce Integration with RateIt
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What is it?

Our Salesforce integration allows you to take RateIt Ratings and push that data into your Salesforce organisation.

How do you install it?

Contact the customer experience team at RateIt, have them enable the functionality into your account, and then superusers can turn it on under Settings, integrations.

How does it work?

Once you have successfully installed the integration, RateIt will push all ratings (except invalid ratings) into your Salesforce account under the new Ratings tab. it will enable you to click on a contact within Salesforce and see all the corresponding ratings. You'll also be able to run reports inside of Salesforce about contact-specific rating data. It takes about 30 seconds for the rating to be displayed in Salesforce.

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What about offline devices?

If a device is offline, these ratings will come into Salesforce, but only when the devices come back online and the data is pushed into Rateit.

How do you match a rating to a contact in Salesforce?

We search for an email and phone number, and if we can find those records within Salesforce, we will match that rating to the Salesforce contact. If not, you'll still see the rating appear in Salesforce, but the connection between the rating and the contact won't be there.

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What Rating data is displayed in Salesforce?

We currently store Rating No, capture date, location, source, NPS score, experience, comment, email, phone, contact (if it matches), Created by, owner and ID. Keep in mind, not all Rating data is sent to Salesforce, but you'll see that most of the important information does come across. Things like multi-choice category values are an example of things that will not appear inside Salesforce.

Does data flow from Salesforce to RateIt?

No. Currently, information only flows in one direction. From RateIt into Salesforce.


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