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Exporting your mailing list email addresses
Exporting your mailing list email addresses
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This guide is handy if you're looking to export the email addresses of customers who have opted to sign up to your mailing list.

Note: Customers are given the option to opt into your mailing list via the email capture screen at the time of submitting their rating by ticking the 'Subscribe me to your mailing list' checkbox.

Step 1: Exporting the data from the RateIt Portal

1.Log in to the RateIt Portal and then head to the Ratings tab

2. Select your preferred data criteria using the Filters on the left panel

3. Click the Export button on the upper right corner of the screen

4. The system will then email you a link to download your CSV export.

Note: This step will export all data, including the email addresses that are not subscribed to your mailing list. Step 2 will help you get the addresses if your goal is only to extract the subscribed list. In addition, the exporter will also export the data based on the criteria you currently have active at the time of exporting(e.g. Date range, location filters, etc.)

Step 2: Extracting the email addresses of the customers who subscribed to your mailing list:

  1. In the exported CSV file from Step 1, click the Filter button towards the top right-hand side and then choose/enable the Filter option.

  2. Now, you'll need to locate the column titled Extended Contact Signup/Mailing List (usually column O).

  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to the heading Extended Contact Signup/Mailing List, un-tick 'Select All', select 'Yes' and then close the pop-up window.

  4. All of the email addresses of customers who ticked the permission box to subscribe to your mailing list will now be displayed.

  5. You now have your new mailing list sign-ups!

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