How to ask for help

Staff can ask for support with providing evidence requirements

Written by Jarrod Page
Updated over a week ago

Staff may have questions or require support when providing evidence requirements are part of the ongoing employee lifecycle process, that's why we have a "Get Help" option! By selecting this and lodging a request, staff are able to contact Zipline and get the assistance needed.

Here is how staff members ask for help:

  1. Select the Get Help button located at the bottom of the requirements page

  2. Select the Issue Type from the dropdown list and provide further information in the Details of Issue field.

    • PRO-TIP: The more information provided, the better our assistance is! The more specific, the better!

  3. Select Submit Request to lodge the support request

  4. A response will be provided within one business day via email, this response will provide additional instructions or steps being taken to resolve the issue

    • NOTE: If the issue doesn’t relate to the evidence requirement process and is instead a question for your employer, we'll redirect the query to allow your employer to respond.

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