Update an existing visitor flow

Update Zipline visitor flows as frontline compliance requirements change to ensure visitors are provided with current conditions of entry

Written by Jarrod Page
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πŸ‘‡ Here's how to update an existing flow

  1. Log in to the Management Portal, select the relevant Location from the dropdown list and then Flows on the left hand side.

  2. Click the View button for the flow that is to be updated, for example the Visitor flow.

  3. Update the General Settings tab as required; updates to flow names, printed labels and condition of entry messages can be made on the General Settings page.

  4. Select the Flow Requirements tab to make updates to specific requirements.

    • Existing requirements can be updated by updating that specific requirement, for example updates to attestation questions can be made by updating the declaration requirement

    • Existing requirements can be turned-off by toggling off that specific requirement, for example if providing evidence of a negative RAT is no longer a condition of entry then toggle-off that evidence requirement

    • New requirements can be added to this existing flow by selecting Add Requirement, for example if a COVID-19 booster dose is required for entry, add a new evidence requirement

  5. Click 'save' at the bottom of the screen to confirm the changes.

  6. Once complete, ensure all of the requirements that are to be shown to the visitor are toggled-on and drag and drop each requirement to reorder.

πŸ‘ That’s it!

Your flow has now been updated and changes will be available for use on your Zipline tablet.

πŸ€” Require support in updating an existing visitor flow?

Please speak to one of our Support Heroes ([email protected]) who will provide further support to Organisation Administrators on updating existing flows.

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