How To Access & Use The New Executive Reporting Dashboard

How to access and use the Executive Reporting Dashboard

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🤔 What is the Executive Reporting Dashboard?

The Executive Reporting Dashboard pulls together key data and insights relevant to your Zipline System. You can filter the data by a specific period, location or by a specific visitor type. Below is a list of the data and insights that are available in the dashboard:

- Total visits

- Visits breakdown by visitor type

- Visit timeline by visitor type

- Peak check-in days

- Peak check- in times

- Foot traffic by location and device

- Check-in permutations

🧐 How can I access the Dashboard?

1. Contact your Customer Success Manager who will send through an email with an invitation to the RateIt Portal

2. Open the email and click ‘Accept Invite’

3. Follow the steps to create a password for the RateIt Portal

4. Once you have clicked ‘Create Password’ you will be taken to the RateIt Portal. If this does not occur click here and log in using the email address to which the invite was sent as your username and the password you created

4. Navigate to the Premium Insights Tab on the top menu bar

5. View the report

Note - you can set a specific time period, location, visitor type or device by adjusting the filters on the left.

🧐 How can I export this data in a report?

You can export individual data sets and download it as a .csv or .xslx file. To export the data, follow the below steps:

  1. Hover your mouse over the top right hand corner of the white box that contains the data you want to export

  2. An ellipsis (...) will appear will appear

  3. Click on the ellipsis and select 'Export Data'

  4. A box will pop up with a drop down menu. Here you can select to export the file as either .csv or .xslx

  5. Click 'Export'

  6. The file will automatically download

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