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SmartShift Pro Time & Attendance Integrations
SmartShift Pro Time & Attendance Integrations

Technical guide on Zipline integration with Time and Attendance software

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SmartShift Pro is a Zipline module that can automatically clock staff in and out of a Time and Attendance (T&A) system when they check in with Zipline. This simplifies their check-in process at a facility as they only need to interact with one system.

Currently supported T&A

The following T&A systems are currently supported:

  • Humanforce

SmartShift Pro has been designed in an extensible way so that it can support other T&A systems in the future.


The requirements for a T&A system to be compatible with SmartShift Pro are as follows:

  • A publicly accessible API

  • A clock-in API which accepts an Employee ID and Clock in timestamp and returns a Shift ID

  • A clock-out API which accepts an Employee ID, Clock out timestamp and Shift ID

In order to determine the Employee ID for a staff member in Zipline there is also a requirement for a staff synchronization to be in place. This is required so that Zipline can store the Employee ID required by the T&A system on the Zipline staff record.

How it works

Sequence Diagram

Checking Out

Zipline doesn't provide the ability to automatically check staff out after a specified time and it only allows a single check-in per person at a time. This means that if a staff member forgets to check out one day and then checks in again on the following day Zipline will check them out from their previous shift at that time and send the clock out event to the T&A system. This may require manual shift correction in the T&A system.

Clocking timestamps

The timestamps sent to the T&A system from Zipline are the timestamps at which the user checked in/out on the tablet. Some T&A systems may apply additional logic to these, for example fitting them within a 5 minute window, enforcing minimum shift durations or others. This configuration is outside the scope of the SmartShift Pro integration as it varies by T&A system and customer environment.


Excluding certain staff

It is possible to exclude certain staff members, such as non-rostered employees, from the integration. SmartShift Pro will only clock in/out staff that have an External ID set via the staff synchronzation process.

Per location configuration

SmartShift Pro can be enabled on a per-location basis in Zipline. This allows a Head Office location that doesn't have rostered staff checking in to be excluded from the integration, or for a staggered roll-out to be implemented.

Getting Started

In order to set up the SmartShift Pro integration, Zipline requires the following details:


  • URL

  • API Key

  • API Secret

The API Key/Secret pair needs to be authorized to perform the required API calls.

SmartShift Pro is a premium module. To learn more about gaining access, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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