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πŸ‘‡ What is the Zipline Management Portal?

This is the desktop application in the Zipline workflow where all the details relating to check ins, visitors, vaccination evidence and any modules configured to your specific system live. You can click here for an introduction to the Management Portal:

πŸ‘‡ What is the Review Queue in the Management Portal?

The Review Queue within the Management Portal is used to review visitor vaccination evidence that has been uploaded via the pre-registration link but has not been automatically detected by the system as valid or invalid.

Currently there are 3 pieces of evidence that the system detects and reviews automatically:

  1. Immunisation History Statement provided by Medicare

  2. Digital Vaccination Card downloaded from Google or Apple Wallet

  3. Covid-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate

If someone uploads a different piece of evidence or uploads one of the approved evidence types in a way that the system cannot read (EG image cropped off, blurry, etc), those documents will be sent to the Review Queue for manual review.

πŸ‘‡ How to I access and use the Review Queue Tab?

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