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The Zipline's People Directory allows you to view and conveniently manage your visitor records in a centralised directory, as well as monitor visitations and review and approve compliance requirements such as vaccinations.

On the People Directory pageπŸ‘† , you have a birds-eye view of all visitors' information, such as names, phone numbers, organisation or location, and when was their last visit.

πŸ”Ž Let's have a look at a single profile

Take Marlon Jake as an example below. The faint blue icon next to Marlon's full name indicates at least one compliance requirement that needs approval. Depending on your hospital's policy, this can be a COVID-19 Vaccination certificate, Negative COVID-19 Test Result, or Identification.

As above, Marlon Jake has also been Approved and inducted for both COVID-19 Dose 1 and Dose 2. Visitors with these indicators underneath their names have provided and been approved for the particular compliance requirements. This also means that they will no longer be required to show evidence again on their next visit with the exemption of COVID-19 Test requirements which are required after a particular interval of days or times.

The profile page also provides you information on the visitor's check Activities, personal Details, and any other compliance requirements you need to Review and approve. Click the Details option should you need to edit the visitor's information.

πŸ€” How do you add a new person to the directory?

To add a new person, go to People Directory and click the Add Person button in the upper right corner of the page.

From there, supply the Phone Number and Full Name. Zipline provides you with the feature to look up any existing record associated with the phone number. You can also invite the visitor to pre-check-in to ensure the fastest possible experience on the tablet, and don't forget to select the location being visited. Click the Add person button, and that's it! πŸ’ͺ

πŸ™‹ Frequently asked questions

Why would I add visitors? Shouldn't they be recorded automatically after checking in?

Good question! When adding a new visitor to the portal, you make the check-in process for that person easier.

Why is that? When a person not in the directory checks in on the tablet, they have to enter all their details as a first time visitor. If you add people prior to their visits, it's like creating a booking for them - all they have to do upon arrival is check-in, supply their phone number, comply with the compliance requirements in your check-in flow, and done! 😎

I can add or update a person's information, but why can't I delete them?

Deleting a record needs a few considerations before doing so, such as historical activities and data for contact tracing purposes. Should you need to remove a person from the directory permanently, contact [email protected] and one of our Support Heroes 🦸 will give you a hand.

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